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 CEPTA - Centrum pre trvaloudržateľné alternatívy
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CEPTA - Centre for Sustainable Alternatives, civil association

Under the concept of sustainable life we understand living in sincere understanding, in fulfilling common goodness and in not limiting future generations’ possibilities. It is a life in full responsibility for our acts, words and ideas and with the aim of long-lasting harmony with nature and other human beings.

The civil association CEPTA was founded in 2005 as the association of people who engage in different activities such as environmental protection, nature protection, support of civil participation, healthy lifestyle and sustainable alternatives to present consumer lifestyle.

Main activities and campaigns:

  • Greening of traditional agriculture and rural development.
  • Reduction of pesticides in food, in the environment and increase of food security.
  • Support of local and regional production-consumption chains and direct selling.
  • Development of waste production prevention and creation of sustainable economic environment for separation, recycling and recovery of waste.
  • Air quality protection, soot removal from urbanized environment.
  • Negative effects elimination from intensive biofuels production.
  • Development of cultural and educational activities and free time activities for young people.
  • Promotion of sustainable economics of the back end of nuclear power.


Contact / post address:


P.O.BOX 172

960 01 Zvolen


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tel: +421905581076


Association address:


Záhonok 19

96001 Zvolen



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