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The conference Clean Air for European Cities was organised by civil association CEPTA in cooperation with the Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic and the Union of Towns and Cities of Slovakia within LIFE+ Project Clean Air, supported by the campaign Soot Free for the Climate, in Bratislava, Slovakia, on 12th-13th February 2013.

 altIn the Slovak Republic the state of air quality is still alarming and it has not been resolved since 2004, when the country entered the EU, where the limits are set. Every year these limits are exceeded in Slovakia, for PM10 (particle matters) at more than 1/3 of monitored sites. Concerning big towns the worst results are mainly in Bratislava, B. Bystrica, Žilina, Košice, Trenčín or Ružomberok. However, clean air cannot be found in other Slovak towns.

An example of responsible attitude at the municipality level can be the approach of mayor of Bratislava - Milan Ftáčnik, who opened the second conference day on 13th February 2013. Even with relatively low finances from the city budget the municipal government is looking for the solutions for cleaner air in Bratislava, e.g. transport electrification in Petržalka, cycling infrastructure creating, new parking management in the city centre etc. According to Mr. Ftáčnik the most serious problem is mentality of people for whom a car is still the symbol of success, although this is not true anymore in many cities in Europe (e.g. Berlin, Copenhagen, Vienna).

What is the situation in Slovakia and in neighbouring countries? What are the solutions and where are they successfully implemented? Why are particle matters and soot dangerous for people, their health and the environment? How do we deal with and how will we deal with particle matters and soot in Slovakia? The answers to these and many other questions you will find in enclosed presentations.

On 11th February 2013 the government of the Slovak Republic passed the Strategy for PM10 Reduction in Slovakia, which is good, but still only on paper. “We are expecting measurable aims and their fulfilment, clear schedule, sufficient financing and consequently real results from air pollution decrease in Slovakia“ says Daniel Lešinský, chairman of CEPTA.

We would like to thank everyone, who participated actively at this event, as well as coorganisers and lecturers.

Please find attached the programme in Slovak and English, press release of civil association CEPTA, as well as presentations of the lecturers.


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