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Domov Air quality Information about the topic and contacts Workshop How to improve Slovak air quality?
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Date: Thursday, 6th April 2017 Logo - RightCleanAirLogo - CleanHeat

Location: Hotel Baronka, Mudrochova 2, Bratislava, Slovakia

IMG 7125 Vyrez-DymBS-miniOutdoor air pollution causes approximately 400,000 premature deaths in Europe every year. Like many other Member States, Slovakia still fails to meet the limit values for air quality set by the European Union. Therefore, solutions for better air quality are strongly required to protect human health.

In the morning session, our event will focus on legal actions for a better implementation of air quality legislation. For this, local measures in Slovakia will be evaluated, and successful approaches in other countries will be presented. In addition, we will discuss possibilities to transfer these experiences and to initiate legal action in Slovakia.

In the afternoon session, domestic heating as the main source of particles is at the center of attention. If nothing is done, projections indicate that in 2030 almost two-thirds of PM2,5-Emissions and more than 85% of black carbon will be emitted by the domestic heating sector. In the course of this part of the event, we will debate on the impact of wood burning and the current situation in Slovakia as well as on solution approaches from other European countries.

Workshop languages are Slovak and English. Simultaneous interpreting is provided.

To participate at the workshop you need to register untill 31.03.2017 or untill the capacity is filled. The workshop is free of charge for registered participants.

More information (incl. agenda) can be found in the invitation.

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