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Domov Local Food Community - CSA Information about the topic and contacts
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Local Food Community was founded in Zvolen in September 2009. It is an informal and voluntary association of consumers and producers at the region level who support mutually. The aim of the Community is a direct relationship between a producer and a consumer, as well as development and support of local, familial, small and organic producers and sale of their healthy and local food in a close consumers’ community. Another very important aim is implementing full legality of direct selling in Slovakia under the simplest possible rules. We try to learn from the experience of other European Union countries, especially about the direct selling and about the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).

The AMAP system (Association pour le Maintien de l'Agriculture Paysanne), which works successfully in France, was an inspiration for the Local Food Community creation. AMAP provides economic and social relations among farmers (producers) and consumers at the local level. The system guarantees healthy food at reasonable prices for consumers and sale for producers, so it is interesting for both parts of this production-consumption chain. Moreover, it helps to conserve agricultural function, diversity, employment and so life in the countryside. It allows small farmers “to survive”, because without this system they would have to stop their production. The system even permits them to produce organic products, i. e. with minimal use of agro-chemicals, antibiotics etc. The consumers can directly influence the quantity and quality of the food production.

The basic idea of the system comes from Japan, where the first local systems originated 40 years ago. Nowadays they work effectively in many countries. They have been spread into many countries under different names (e. g. Tei-kei in Japan, CSA in the USA, AMAP in France etc.).

In cooperation with the organization Urgenci we had a possibility to visit Mulhouse and its environs (South Alsace, France) and to get know local production-consumption relations. The aim of those relations is to bring together local farmers and consumers and to ensure long-lasting production of healthy food. More about our visit, as well as description of the AMAP system (its history, principles, relations within the system, specific examples in practice etc.) can be found in the attached documents in Slovak and French language.

In 2010 the cooperation with French friends continued and it resulted in preparatory meeting within the project Grundtvig in Budapest, Hungary, in January 2011. Together with the partners from Hungary, England, France, Greece and the Czech Republic we prepared a common project. In February 2011 we sent it (also with the participation of Austria and Germany). The project, entitled CSA – Community Supported Agriculture, is focused on exchange of good experience between CSA developed and CSA developing countries. The results from the project evaluation will be known in summer 2011.

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