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First ceritified ecodriving instructors in Slovakia (a course held in Hronsek, May 2015) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Miloš Veverka   

IMG 1615 VyrezMiniCivic association CEPTA organised a pilot certification ecodriving course for driving school instructors in Hronsek, near Banská Bystrica, from 5th to 7th May 2015. The course was attended by 9 instructors and 6 of them met the conditions for obtaining the certificate. Except for driving school instructors, two delegates of the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic and one delegate of the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic participated in the course.

DSC 0005 upr  LogoEcodrMini

DSC 0018Upr MiniThe course was taught by the instructors of ecodriving and economy driving from the Czech Republic. After the introductory presentation of the course content, the first drive followed. Within this drive every participant of the course took a route of 13.4 km in their own routine way of driving. Ecodriving instructor kept records of the route (time, consumption, speed), as well as comments on the way of driving.
The participants were subsequently acquainted with the main principles of ecodriving. The reasons of road situation anticipation while economy driving, the need of early change gear according to the parameters and possibilities of the engine, economic drive uphill, relation between speed and consumption and other ecodriving techniques were explained in detail to the participants.

On the next day the course was focused on methodology, teaching of ecodriving, GDE matrix and coaching. Afterwards the participants drove the second and the third (in case of need) test drive, taking the same route as on previous day. They tried to apply ecodriving principes to practice following the instructor’s advice. The parameters of all (2-3) drives, e.g. smoothness of driving, anticipation, using vehicle inertia, average consumption and time were registered in ecodriving reports. Every participant had their own ecodriving report and could see their improvements or imperfections in comparison with the first drive (before training). Consequently, drives were together evaluated. The participants got average fuel economy of 12.5%, while some of them managed to save 17-20%.

On the third day a certification system of ecodriving was explained to the participants. The advantages of telematics systems for keeping acquired skills of economy driving in everyday driving practice were presented, too. Afterwards, the participants were trained in the sphere of methodology and coaching. They practised ecodriving teaching from the instructor’s (coach) position on the route they took several times, in real town traffic. The instructors assessed methodological and pedagogical abilities of the participants. The drives were evaluated in a common discussion.

At the end of the course, the participants took an ecodriving written test to verify their knowledge. The course was evaluated and the participants who fulfilled the conditions (passing the test – at least 90%, ecodriving report at the B level at least (range A - G) and coaching mastering) were given the ecodriving certificate.DSC 0053Mini

The course participants who obtained the ecodriving certificate:



Beňuš Ján

Autoškola Beňuš

Kucharovic Pavol

Jaroslav Prekop Autoškola

Lacko Peter

Jaroslav Prekop Autoškola

Matuščin Dušan

Jaroslav Prekop Autoškola

Šebest Jaroslav

Autoškola Majo

Uhliar Martin

MDVRR SR (the Ministry of Transport)

Driving school instructors who obtained the ecodriving certificate on 7th May 2015 are authorised to:

  • train learner drivers in ecodriving in driving schools
  • provide ecodriving courses for the drivers with valid driving licence
  • provide ecodriving courses for the fleet companies drivers
  • train ecodriving trainers in their own driving school


Logo-ClAirLifeSootFree SK male

The three-day course was carried out within the Clean Air Project, which is financed by the EU programme Life + and “Sootfree for the Climate” campaign.

The photos from the course can be seen HERE

For more about ecodriving principles click HERE.
For the methodology for certification condition course of ecodriving click HERE.

If you are interested in ecodriving, we can send you a leaflet on ecodriving containing all necessary information. Please contact us on

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