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Written by Miloš Veverka   

DSC 0247 Zm miniThe Centre for Sustainable Alternatives (CEPTA), civic association, organised three courses on ecodriving in the surroundings of Banská Bystrica in May, July and September 2015. Each of them was 3-days intensive course and was demanding even for experienced driving instructors. The certificate was obtained by three quarters of the participants. Theoretical part was focused mainly on ecodriving principles and the way of the ecodriving training – couching. ...

... Three practical drives in real town trafic of Banská Bystrica were integrated part of the training. Each course took 21 hours (except of breaks and lunches), but discussions of the participants continue also in the evenings. Everyday participants spent two hours driving and all the drives were evaluated by the instructor and other fellow-passengers. On the first day the participants drove in their own way of driving, on the next day they already knew the ecodriving principles, so they could focus on energy efficient driving and on the last day they concentrated on innovative form of its teaching – so-called couching.

DSC 0516 VyrWeb miniThe courses were done by experienced instructors from the Czech Republic. The main instructor was Ing. Jiří Čumpelík ( The participants came from whole Slovakia and they were skid control instructors, instructors form driving schools, as well as delegates from the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic and from the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic.

To obtain the certificate the participants had to meet demanding conditions: to pass final written test (a score of at least 90% was required), to reach the B level at least in ecodriving report (a range from A to G) and to master  couching at the C level at least (a range from A to G). The ecodriving certificate was gained by 29 participants, i.e. 78 % of all 37 participants. The oldest certified instructor was 71 years old. During the second and third training drive, average fuel saving was 12,7 % (despite of participants were instructors in driving schools) but more than 15 % savings were not rare.

Certified ecodriving instructors are authorised to:
•    provide ecodriving courses for the drivers with valid driving licence,
•    provide ecodriving courses for the fleet companies drivers,
•    train ecodriving trainers in their driving school or training company,
•    train learner drivers in ecodriving in driving schools.

Certified ecodriving instructors can be found in a list of the instructors on ecodriving portal On this website they will have a free access to methodological materials providing support for ecodriving teaching in their driving school or company. Every driving school, training or fleet company can ask for a company certification – after fulfiling the conditions, it can officially use the ecodriving logo and will be promoted on the ecodriving portal.  

DSC 0005 upr  LogoEcodrMini

Photos from the first ecodriving course in Hronsek from 5th to 7th May 2015 can be found HERE.

Photos from the second ecodriving course in Čachovo from 14th to 16th July 2015 can be found HERE.

Photos from the third ecodriving course in Čachovo from 7th to 9th September 2015 can be found HERE.

All the courses, as well as other CEPTA activities aimed at ecodriving support were carried out thanks to the international Clean Air Project, which is financed by the EU programme Life + and by “Sootfree for the Climate” campaign.

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