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Written by Miloš Veverka   

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Certification Scheme in Europe?

from 13th to 15th April 2015

in Hotel Barónka, Bratislava, Slovakia

We met and discussed different approaches to Ecodriving from several EU countries counting UK, Germany, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia as well as from different EU projects as ECOWILL or ACTUATE. 

For more information read whole article or attached materials from the workshop.


Initial position

In the EU several initiatives focused on ecodriving for different vehicles and different drivers levels exist. We would like to fix internationally acceptable standards, certification scheme for ecodriving and to base it as a the green label for Europe. This label will be used as an ecological symbol for companies, municipalities or any other subjects dealing with a fleet of vehicles – trucks, buses, vans, personal cars, etc.
How will we certify the drivers and instructors? How will we monitor and report ecodriving in companies? There are several important questions to be discussed and answered in the international circle of ecodriving experts.
Therefore CEPTA organises international ecodriving workshop, inviting ecodriving experts from whole Europe to agree on ecodriving standards and certification criteria for European certification scheme, as well as to base down the network of national contact points and certified instructors on ecodriving.

Target group

Ecodriving experts, instructors in practice from different EU countries.


Hotel Barónka, Mudrochova 2, Bratislava, Slovakia.


If you wish to participate, please register before 9th April 2015 at CEPTA web page HERE. The workshop is free of charge for registered participants including food, accomodation and programme.
There is a posibility of travel expenses reimbursement for a limited number of participants and invited experts (price of public transportation). If you want the reimbursement, please contact Mr. Milos Veverka (CEPTA): This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Contact person for workshop details

Mr. Daniel Lešinský, CEPTA, e-mail: l This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , tel.: 00421 905 581 076

Preliminary program and more information you can find in the attached invitation.

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